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My Nurse at Home


Your Personal, Compassionate 

Cancer & Life Coach

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You’ve been diagnosed with cancer…

Let an experienced, qualified oncology nurse help you navigate the next steps.

My Nurse At Home takes pride in making sure clients feel supported and educated about their cancer diagnosis.  Cancer affects the family and friends of the person diagnosed with cancer too.

When you, as the loved one are affected by cancer, your life is also different now.  Offering virtual cancer support for patients and caregivers/family allows all affected family members to openly discuss feelings and fears without feeling like an added burden to their loved ones.  When you are connected with a nurse who has walked the path of both being a cancer patient and a cancer caregiver, all can more easily discuss their experience as well as share their feelings.

Using a Cancer Care Advocate, you are provided with:

  • a private one-on-one meeting virtually OR in the privacy of your own home,(depending on location);

  • help to answer questions plus education, guidance, and support personalized to your situation;

  • tools to manage the emotional and mental side effects, along with the physical ones;

  • a partner to take along with you on your journey;

  • individual one-on-one support,  and caregiver support;

  • survivorship needs

  • support for those living with advanced and metastatic cancers. 

Make this journey less overwhelming and less stressful;  where you feel confident in the choices you make; where you feel educated about what you are facing; and where you understand how to deal with the emotional chaos a cancer diagnosis can cause.

Your WHOLE health is my passion!

Services Offered


Meet Jenni Daniel, BSN, RN

Jenni passionately believes that everyone deserves to understand their cancer diagnosis and what to expect during cancer treatment. She understands that even with the best healthcare team, being told you have cancer is incredibly overwhelming. After spending years as an oncology nurse and a breast cancer navigator, Jenni saw gaps in the system between what patients and family members needed, and what they received.  Jenni is dedicated to providing care and assistance to cancer patients, families, and survivors, navigating their journey.  Losing her mother at an early age, and being a cancer survivor herself, combined with her oncology background make her uniquely qualified to understand what her clients are experiencing.  Those experiences drive her passion to help clients feel informed,supported, confident, and prepared. 

We all experience the everyday stress of life, and finding ways to balance it all can be challenging.  While working with cancer patients, Jenni discovered the impact of helping those not affected by cancer as a Life Coach.  Helping you be your best, improving your life, and helping you find what you want is an equal passion.  Don't we all deserve to live our life fully and show the world our best? Why not give yourself a chance at an improved life today!?  


Jenni helps Cancer patients can better understand their diagnosis and their treatment options, feel confident in their decisions, be prepared for what to expect, manage physical and emotional side effects at home, and be supported along their challenging journey.

Being a nurse, having a true desire to help others, and having experienced cancer herself and with family members, gives Jenni a unique perspective that results in her providing truly compassionate care to everyone she encounters.

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." -Mother Teresa 


"Jenni was so helpful in my breast cancer journey. From her smile, to her caring attitude, to her honest answers to questions I was asking, I could not have asked for a better nurse navigator to help me know what was to come in my journey. Jenni is the person I would always want by my side as I navigate any medical situation."

Darnele W.

Jenni is an advocate and subject matter expert when it comes to navigating resources, options, and potential solutions around comfort for cancer patients and their loved ones. What an incredible mission she has for this company. You’re in excellent hands.


"What a relief it was to know that nurse Jenni would be driving me to my doctor’s appointment and would be there with me the entire time.  Realizing that I didn’t have to face this alone made such a big difference."  D.D.

"Dealing with my (breast) cancer treatment with symptoms and signs but my mind is calmer and less confused . I am getting the real support with the right info and guide.I really recommend to other patients and hope they don't get the suffering I had the beginning before I met RN Jenni. Thank you for your support!


Jenni has helped me so much. As a nurse I recommend her to my patients that need the help. She has helped me navigate my stage 4 breast diagnosis and taught me how to reduce stress and to how to concentrate on the good things in life. Thank you Jenni for all of your help.


If you would like a copy of the top questions to ask your medical or surgical onocologist, please request a copy here.  We are happy to send a complimentary fill in document.

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