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Services Provided

Having a private oncology nurse who can work with you, while you are in the comfort of your own home, when most of the questions hit, brings comfort to patients and their families. I will help you sort out and break down the information, answer questions, and provide valuable tools to manage the roller coaster of emotions so you can face this journey feeling informed and prepared.

Initial Consult

​ • Easy to use video meeting tool so you can see Jenni during your consult, get to know who you’re working with, and feel comfortable asking questions (The consult can be done by phone if you prefer)

● Review of your medical records related to your cancer to provide a simplified explanation of your diagnosis, stage of cancer, and treatment options that your Oncologist (cancer doctor) has discussed

● Questions answered regarding your diagnosis and treatment options

● Individualized education, guidance & support

● Help with creating a list of questions to discuss with your doctors


 Cancer Care Ally

Support as Needed - After Initial Consult

● Provide help with managing side effects from your treatment

● Review and explain any new or additional information from your doctors

● Teach you tips in dealing with the emotional roller coaster

●Tips on how to advocate for yourself in today's healthcare system

● Attend your Doctor appointments with you as your advocate (virtually by phone or video)

Breast Cancer Ally

Cancer Care  Companion

4 month Program- BEST VALUE-

Support on Regular Basis

● 3 private sessions with RN per month-up to 1 hour each related to medical, physical and emotional issues  related to your breast cancer.

●Provide assistance managing ongoing side effects related to treatment

● Video or written sheet provided for reference of information later

● Ability to communicate via email or text between sessions for ongoing support

● Review and explain any new or additional information from your doctor

● Ability to include family or caregiver in sessions

● Provides tools to navigate your situation effectively

● Attend your Doctor appointments with you as your advocate (virtually by phone or video)

Breast Cancer Companion
Breast Cancer Ribbon Hands.jpg

Breast Cancer Wellness Partner

Support For those taking Aromatase Inhibitors - A 12 Week Program to improve overall well-being

● Provide help with managing side effects from your treatment- Anastrozole (Arimidex), Exemestane (Aromasin) or Letrozole (Femara), Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)

● Increase healthy behaviors in breast cancer survivors using proven strategies.

● Teach you tips in related to physical activity, weight loss, improved dietary habits, positivity and increased quality of life.

● Ongoing emotional support to help with body image and other issues faced as a breast cancer survivor.

● Weekly motivational emails, 4 group calls & 2 private  sessions with Nurse Jenni

● Private Online Support Community with others facing Breast Cancer just like you so you can get your questions answered by Nurse Jenni

● Tips from a Registered Dietitian on What to Eat During Treatment and After

concierge 1.jpg

  • Caregiver Support- Let's really talk about your loved one's cancer diagnosis, provide realistic ways you can help, expectations of side effects from treatments, and ways to handle the roller coaster of emotions.


  • Medication Management - Keeping you organized with personalized lists and schedules or understanding and managing side effects from medicine you need sometimes or every day.  I’ve got you covered!


  • Patient Advocacy-  Make the most out of your doctors appointments by being prepared with a list of questions specific to your situation before you go.  Have an advocate with you or on the phone with you at appointments.

  • LIFE COACHING Services- Stress hits everyone at different times in our life.  It doesn't have to be related to illness but it helps to have a non bias party to support us sometimes.

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